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The common production problem and analysis of die-casting moulds

壓鑄過程中金屬液往外濺(跑鋁)產生原因 The cause reason of molten metal splash when die casting.

1. 定模間合模不嚴密,間隙較大 Cover halves close imprecisely, and have big gap.  
2. 鎖模力不夠 The mould clamming force is not enough.
3. 壓鑄機動,定模安裝板不平行 The die casting machine is  flexible ,and the mounting plate of cover half(fixed die) is not parallel.
4. 支板跨度大,壓射力致使套板變形,產生噴料。Support span(跨度) is large, and the injection pressure(force) bring about the cleading(保熱套(汽鍋的);護罩;護壁板(隧道的))deformation , engendering(使產生;)產生molten metal spouting(噴射) .

調整方法 method of adjustment
1.重新安裝模具 reinstall the mould
2.加大鎖模力 increase the mould clamming force
3.調整壓鑄機,使動、定模安裝板相互保持平行 adjust the die-casting machine, ensure the mounting plate of fixed die(cover half) and  moving die maintain mutual(共同的;相互的,彼此的) parallel。
4.在動模上增加支板,增加套板的剛度。Add support plate on the movable mould , increase the stiffiness(硬、剛度,rigidity,hardness) of the cleading

影響壓射頭(壓力噴嘴)使用壽命的因素,主要因素有:The factors influencing the working life of the pressure nozzle(噴嘴;管口;鼻) jet ,main factors :   

1.壓射頭(噴嘴)本身的材料、質量;The material and quality of the nozzle jet
2.壓射頭與壓射料筒之間的配合間隙;The fit clearance of the press charging(爐料;裝料) barrel and jet nozzle
3.模具安裝時與壓射料筒的同心度;The concentricity of the mould and press charging barrel while installing
4.冷卻問題;cooling problem
5.選用優質壓射頭潤滑油等。Select and use the superior nozzle jet lube(lubrication) etc.

缺陷名:產品表面起皺  Defect name : surface wrinkling of the product


 (1)Symptom: The irregular folds(皺褶;折痕)  emerging  on the surface of product ,mainly appearing the thinner wall ,as show :

可以看到射出的細小鋁顆粒和褶皺。Can see the small aluminium granule


Reason: owing to indrawing the release agent or compressed air,air preasure being sealed up in the forepart is high then jack up the surface of the product and result in this phenomenon  


solution :exhaust thoroughgoing,eliminate the extra mold lubricant ,adjust the position of the high speed ,high preasure to prevent the melton metal cooling down  

缺陷名defect name :起皺(二)wrinkle(2)


Symptom: the cylinder part around the insert ,the surface membrana demalis appearing crumpling up ,it is different according to the occuring condition

 Near the corner of the insert ,appearing the parellel wrinkle with the insert .a little far away from the corner .the surface membrana demalis can see the aluminium granule gathered ,appearing in power attached to the surface cut can see the concave-convex , the wee aluminium granule inbedding into the wrinkle after crushed

原因:在模具溫度低時進行鑄造容易b發生此現象。鋁液在流道流淌時前鋒冷卻,形成 氧化皮膜,在距離澆口較遠的突起部分凝固,由于壓力增大在表面形成褶皺。

Reason: when die casting with the low temperature of the mould is easy to occur this ,the molten aluminum flowing in the passageway the forepart cooled and form oxide membrana demalis ,then occur solidification at the tuber fruther as due to the high pressure appearing wrinkle on the surface .


Solution :preheat of the mould and produce under the setted temperature ,should control the temperature of the mold in aopportune scope .

換導柱以及導套時一定要注意尺寸變化,尤其是長時間使用但是沒有回火或者測量的模具,一定要檢查模具的尺寸,包括模板平行度、孔直線度、孔內外徑是否變化。一般情況下基準尺寸會變化。Exchange the guide pillar or guide sleeve should notice the change in the size ,especially the mould that is used for a long time without tempering or measured including the mould plate parallel, straightness ,change of internal and external diameter.Nomaly the reference dimention will exchange .


Zink die pressed casting blank is no hard spot ,but when polish before electroplating the hard spot occur. What’s up ?

要注意 notice :

1.原材料的質量(純凈度);the quality of the material (degree of purity)
2.熔化時的精煉除氣除渣;rifine to degassing and deslagging when melting .
3.壓鑄時速度、壓力 的調整(特別是皮下氣孔等缺陷);adjust the speed and pressure when die-casting
4.拋光時摩擦 的壓力和溫度不要太高。The pressure and temperature of the friction can not be too high .



1.澆注系統、排溢系統開設問題;gating system ,ejecting system
2.壓鑄工藝參數選擇問題;die-casting technological parameters choosing problem
3.原材料質量等。The material quality problem


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